Our Long Term Leasing System

Owner Onboarding

As Managers, our job is to meet your goals. During the onboarding  process we will establish realistic goals for the management agreement. We'll also gather all the information we need to move forward in the right direction.

Finding the Right Tenant

The most critical part of rental investments is finding the right tenant for your property. Marketing, Application Management, Screening, and Leasing are all important steps to this process. 

In Lease Services

Once we have a tenant in place we'll handle every issue that will arise. From midnight emergencies to regular maintenance, we make sure your property is well taken care of.

Rent Collection

Every month we will collect the rent and redistribute the funds back to you, with a full financial report.  If you have a tenant who falls behind, we will immediately start the eviction process to keep your property making money. 

 Owner Onboarding

Collect Basic Information

We will need to collect some basic information about the property and the owner. We will send you an online or paper form with all the required fields. 

Fair Market Rent

We will run a comprehensive rent analysis to determine the fair market rent for your property. 

Property Evaluation

We will conduct a evaluation of the property to determine if there are any repairs to be made before showing to potential tenants. 

Management Agreement

We will negotiate a comprehensive Management Agreement to ensure clear expectations between our firm and the owners

Finding the Right Tenant

Marketing Your Property

We will market your property across multiple online sites using professional photos.

Property Showing

We will schedule showings through our online scheduler and provide secure access to the property.

Application Management

As applications begin to come in for your property, we will handle the collecting app fees, distributing online applications and ensure compliance to HUD and Fair Housing laws.

Tenant Screening

We will run comprehensive screenings for each applicant. This includes credit, criminal, and previous evictions. Community Associations may require additional screenings.

Security Deposits

By law, security deposits must be held in escrow accounts and properly accounted for. 

Attorney Lease

Every lease we sign is individually approved by an attorney. This ensures the legal strength of the lease in case of a breach.


We also have a full suite of legal disclosures that are approved by an attorney. This helps us cover any situation that could arise.

In Lease Services

Move In and Move out Inspections

Prior to moving in each tenant will sign off on a move in inspection, which includes photos of the property. 

Rent Collection

We collect all of your rents electronically. Tenants can pay by Debit, Credit, ACH or Electronic Check. This provide payment confirmation and clear records of payments.

Owner Payment

Our owners are paid through electronic distributions directly to you bank account. No waiting for checks in the mail.

Annual Inspections

We will conduct a thorough inspection of your property each year at renewal.


Renewals are handled directly with the tenants. Owners have the right to refuse renewal for difficult tenants.

Maintenance Coordination

 With our full management solution we will handle all of the maintenance issues that will arise with your property. 

24/7 Emergency Line

We will provide a 24/7 Emergency Line for your tenants to report emergency maintenance issues.

Property Bill Payments

We can handle the payment of all billing attached to your property. 

Long Term Rental Management Pricing

Included Services
 Leasing  Fee
1 Month
1/2 Month
1/2 Month
Monthly Management Fee 0$75$99 or 10%
Annual Renewal Fee$199$199$99
Rent Price AnalysisXXX
Professional PhotosXXX
Multiple Online Marketing ChannelsXXX
Digital Application Process
 Credit and Background ScreeningXXX
Security Deposit Collection and Holding
Schedule Showings XXX
Attorney Approved LeaseXXX
Electronic Rent CollectionXX
Electronic Owner PaymentsXX
Online Portals for Tenants and OwnersXX
Annual Inspection X
Move In and Out InspectionsX
Maintenance CoordinationX
24/7 Emergency LineX
Property Bill Payments$5 Per

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